Real Weight Loss Solutions

Most often the weight loss industry focuses on overweight Americans. However, to tell you the truth, the rest of the world is overweight too. According to many studies, 45% of the adults all over the world are overweight. And these overweight people are most likely to have chronic health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and knee arthritis. Another fact is that overweight people die at younger ages than people who have normal weight.


So many of these people want to lose weight in order to improve their health and look better. Because so many people want to lose weight and doing it is difficult there are many weight loss programs available on the market. Most of them are expensive and not affordable for many people, capitalizing on the huge demand. Many of those programs are not effective for some people.

Each year millions of Europeans and Americans enroll in commercial and self-help weight loss strategies. Health counselors and their obese patients know little about these programs because of the absence of systematic reviews. Sadly, many patients and their personal health care providers know little about the effectiveness and safety of these programs, either.


Few high-quality researches have assessed weight loss programs. Many of the existing studies present the best case scenario because they are not responsible for the people who drop out of the program. Candidates considering the use of the commercial weight loss strategies should know that these programs have not been carefully studied.

So you might be wondering, do weight loss programs really work? The right answer for that is they do in the short-term, however long-term results are doubtful. The real effective way to lose weight is just changing some lifestyle habits such as behavioral change diligently over time. Changing your behavior over time and getting a regular workout routine is what will take your extra weight off and keep it that way. You should remember that there is no magic pill, potion or program that will help you to lose weight overnight. Try and change your behavior from what you consume to how you consume it, how much you consume and there you have the key to long-term successful weight loss. It all comes down to more calories burn each day, called “burning calories”, than taking in, called “eating”.

Use a smart yet systematic approach to behavior modification. Go ahead and talk with your personal health counselor about what you should and shouldn’t eat. It will take some time but the long term benefits and permanent weight loss will be always there!




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